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Dragons having an amazing mating ritual which takes a lot of stregnth in both genders. 

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A female and male dragon about to freefall.

Female dragons would go around their terriory, putting their scent everywhere so a male can tell they are in the right area then the female will wait until her new mate has appeared, she can only mate for 7 weeks after that she won't be able to for another year. 

For male dragons it is a lot harder, depending on it's age and where it is going could depend on if it can mate, young males have to fight the fathers of the dragon they want to mate to show they will be a loyal father and mate, it also shows he is strong and will get good prey. But if the male is older and the 

female is by herself then him and the female must fly high into the sky, lock their claws together and freefall. This shows that there is a good bound between them, if the male lets go then it proves he isn't worth being a mate. 

Dragon eggs[]

Once the female dragon has mated,it will lay eggs but dragons have this wonderful technique of deciding the gender of the child. 

Dragon eggs are stored in a fernace which is made out of stones and rocks, the parents take 

Dragon-egg 00384693

Dragon egg

turns on keeping the temperature balanced, if it goes below 60 degrees C then the child will die. The shells on the eggs are heat resistent so they won't cook inside but the more heat does change the gender. The higher the temperature the more chance that the child will be male,the cooler it is the more chances of it being female. 

It was very hard for females to be made because of trying to lower the temperature. This technique also is a test to see if the mate is loyal, if doesn't care then he will just leave his post and ignore the fernace until his female dragon comes home from hunting. 

After the child has hatched[]

Once the child has hatch, if the male dragon is still around then both parents would take turns in looking after the child. If it a female by herself then she must struggle and find food and leave the child unprotected which is the worst possible thing for a new family.